Chimelong PanYu Safari

Arriving to Chimelong Safari.

Walking towards to the monkey show.

Monkeying around.

African bird show.

The golden eagle has a wingspan of up to 7 ft.

The HippoKing


The elephant gang at Panyu Safari

Yup, that's an elephant on a balance beam.

Yup, that's an elephant doing a handstand on a balance beam.

The crowd at the elephant show.

Our group's small, but we stand out.

Hoola-Hooping Elephants


I don't even...yea, I can't do that.

Elephants can be taught how to cheat in a relay race. 😉

The elephant king claims what's rightfully his.

Introducing ourselves.

The tiger & lion show.

The Queen Of The Lions

White tiger trainers.



Quick! Before it notices the bigger piece of meat on the other side of the fence.

Obviously, if things go wrong, we can sacrifice Terri first. 🙂

This is what a hungover panda bear looks like.

A panda bear eats more than 84lbs of bamboo a day. That's 12 hours of eating.

Only 10,000 Red Pandas are left in the world.

On our way out, we saw an entire family of elephants just playing in the water - without a trainer.


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