BaiYun Bungee Jump – Guangzhou

Located in the BaiYun Mountain Park, this 45m bungee jump is one of GZ's most extreme activities. For only 150RMB, one can plummet into a blanket of untouched forest.

RJ's second jump of the month (the first one at Macau 200m high tower)

Me, free-falling...

Grant Mobley

Grant's jump had more spin than everyone else's combined.

Mandy's first jump ever.

Terri's first jump.

WenQi's jump.

You can be strapped by the body as well.

Do the twist.

Yuki's jump

The whole crew.

The Macarena suddenly came on over the loudspeakers.

As the song progresses, the nationals stop staring at the jumpers and turn towards the crazy public dancers.

...and more.

After the jump, we caught our own fish and had a BBQ on WenQi's roof. Chinese supermarkets are self-served.

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