1000 Miles

Wrote/Recorded this draft/framework of a song in Kolkata, India. Wonderful what you can do with just a computer and a microphone, even when your plumbing doesn’t work.

1000 Miles

Cast away the core too far
As the muse replays the choir
and I hold back

Debarking bells the oceans roar
Mistakes cannot be made to soar
and you looked back

Recall we wanted more
In pause, we’re waiting for
I’m not running from you

A thousand miles across the sea
Above the spires that’s where I’ll be
And you’ll stare at the burning star
Reminds me of the times we were

License up to openness
Is it what we want, know this:
I split the ends

While the apples fall too far
Across the gap, it rips apart
I taste the end

Seasons change another mixed euphoric calming
Catch my thoughts, consume them now before we end up
Just another story told to spread a hollow glory
Withering my hands away

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